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Hi there! My name is Leslie Nelson and I am the person that has the honor of creating special pieces of jewelry that I hope will bring you joy. 


Fearlessly Becoming was born in 2020 as a sort of phoenix rising from the ashes of a difficult time in my life. I knew there was a artist, creator and highly intuitive soul inside of me that I had been stuffing down for too long. I I finally gave myself permission to let her out through jewelry making and Fearlessly Become! 

My hope is that the jewelry I create can help inspire others to express themselves and serve as a reminder to fearlessly embrace the person you were born to be, regardless of what others think. 

I am a proud 3rd generation Oregonian and live in Central Oregon with my amazing husband, 2 cats and dog. When I'm not creating jewelry you can find me frolicking in the Great Outdoors, cooking something up in the kitchen, writing or painting. 

I cant wait to create something special just for you! 

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